Lorna Wallace Design was founded in 1999 by Lorna Wallace, who also worked closely with her niece, Amy Hinks.

Lorna is Melbourne born and bred, having trained at UCLA and worked internationally as an interior designer for over 30 years, Lorna is always on the hunt for new ideas and products โ€“ scouring the globe for the latest ideas. Her focus on quality and impeccable taste is seen throughout her work and she can effortlessly lift the style of any room.

In 2012 Lorna and Amy extended their Interior Design passion with an online store and styling business Cabin & Castle

Today Amy is the head stylist and owner of  Cabin & Castle and Lorna remains an important advisor to the business. Her years of experience and knowledge of both traditional and contemporary design are invaluable. 

Lorna now works only on private client projects, some of which you can view in the gallery here.